Affiliate Signup

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us!

Our goal is to build an amazing affiliate program for people in all stages of life to earn a passive income by simply passing on the name of the Gurus! Whether you have a passion for sales, podcasting, networking, or simply need to put a couple extra dollars in your bank account, we wanted to create an opportunity that builds business naturally and will work smoothly for people all over the country, creating their own schedules, and referring when and if they want to!

The Podcast Gurus are strong believers in word-of-mouth networking, and know that once one person tastes the sweet victory of launching a podcast, they’ll automatically want to share it with others. So in turn, we’d like to reward them for that, while also providing an income-opportunity that gives individuals the ability to choose their schedule and work flow. Want to make sales calls and rack up on new sales? Great! Know one company that needs our services and you want to refer them? Great! Whatever capacity your affiliate membership is, we have it right here for you. The more you sell, the better the sale, the more you make! Even if it’s cutting into our margins for profit, we want to reward affiliates for their efforts and get organically, and passionately interested people passing on our name.

So whatever the future holds for you with the gurus, we want to say THANK YOU!. Contact us if you have any questions about how to get started with your first referral.