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How It Works

Podcast Management, Editing, & Publishing for Churches, Bloggers/Podcasters, & Business Pros!
We know what it takes to pull-off a professional, eye-catching, & headache-saving podcast, and we’re now offering services to provide other communities the same experience. Welcome to podcasting with the gurus, easy as 1-2-3 … or easier!

Upload Your Content

First, simply upload your recorded audio or video files to your account (you’ll get an account once you become a member). Not tech savvy? All you have to do is take your previously recorded content (.mpg, .wav, etc) and hit the upload button in your account and we take care of the rest!

Sit Back & Relax

Secondly, find your favorite lounge chair and take a load off while the gurus go to work. We’ll publish your content on or before 48 hours after your recording is uploaded through the portal. You won’t break a sweat with the gurus managing your podcast!

Become a Podcast Champion

Not only can you relax while your own personal gurus get to publishing your podcast, but you’ll embrace your inner champion as you realize the peace-giving, productive work ethic the gurus exude with every click of the keyboard. This is podcasting the way it should be done.

Meet the Gurus!

Yes, we’re human, though our skills are that of a superhero we choose take up humble lifestyles traveling and seeing the wonders of the world and taking pleasure in providing our customers first-class syndicated services!

Ricky G. The Myth, The Legend, The Guru.

When Ricky’s not jumping out of a perfectly functioning airplane at 14,000 ft, rocking out to his favorite band at a concert, skateboarding or beach bumming, he’s working in one of the businesses he’s founded. A self-proclaimed “customer service junkie” and “workaholic”, Ricky takes joy in working with his hands and creating business opportunities for himself and his family, including working towards being able to travel the world with his gorgeous wife Katelin (guru #2). With a sincere passion for entrepreneurship and pursuing a lifestyle of creativity and adventure, he sees every new business venture as a new “plane” to which to jump from.

“Have you ever wanted to tandem jump with a guru? Let’s go!” -Ricky, your personal guru.

Katelin G. The Show-Stopper, The “Better-Half”, The Guru

Katelin also enjoys the wild, nature, and exploring the unknown. With a dream of international travel, capturing it with artistic expression, or sharing that love through philanthropic work, Katelin takes great pleasure in taking on new thrilling endeavors. She channels that energy into providing first-class customer service and education that makes her an absolute all-star at the office. Master Katelin’s skillsets include incredibly fierce attention to detail, super-friendly approach in customer relations, and an eye for creativity that’s more keen than a bald eagle searching for prey.

“You’ve got a vision? Let’s enhance it with a dash of creativity & tender-loving care!” -Katelin, your personal guru.

Plans & Pricing

The Podcast Gurus love to keep their customers at the forefront of their minds at all times. At, we aim to provide the absolute best customer service and flexibility possible, to ensure not only customer satisfaction, but a return-on-investment. Community satisfaction is the ancient key in the art of podcasting!

✓ No Upfront, Installation Fees
✓ Syndicated Services
✓ 24/7 Account Access
✓ U.S. Based Small Business

"Beginners' Bargain"

$29.99/ per episode / per month
  • Publishing to iTunes & Stitcher Only
  • Posting Content “As-Is” (no editing included)
  • Exclusive Deals & Premium Support
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$39.99/ per episode / per month
  • “Beginners’ Bargain” Features Included
  • Publishing to iTunes, Stitcher, & Website Embed Included
  • Basic EQ Included (also w/ front & ending cuts)
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$69.99/ per episode / per month
  • “MasterPodcaster” Features Included
  • Custom Graphics Per Episode ($50/hr value)
  • Exclusive 25% off discount on all graphic/website design services via Level Up Web Design!
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*Media File Hosting Not included in the given prices. We’ll host your files for $10/per episode/per month or select a host of your choice. Also, ask us about our Level Up website & branding packages, if you’re interested in a new website for your podcast. Feel free to contact us about custom quotes for video podcast editing/publishing! Churches/Non-Profits qualify for a 10% discount that will be applied after first month’s payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started launching my podcast?

Whether you have an existing podcast that you’d like the gurus to take over, or you’re starting a brand new podcast, once you select one of our packages above, you will then be guided to a step-by-step form that will give us all the information needed for the initial setup of the podcast. We then take that info provided to us and work our guru magic! No worries on your end. (if you’re getting set up with a custom package not provided above, use the contact form below and we’ll be in touch with you via email).

Are there any set-up fees or additional fees?

The prices above include the service charge to have your podcast effortlessly and seamlessly managed by your own personal podcast gurus. No other charges will be incurred, besides late payment fees (which could result in podcast being temporarily disabled). Other than that, you may have to purchase a media hosting plan (low cost), we have plans available upon request or you can choose your own plan with the company of your choice!

I'm not tech-saavy, but I can record material! Can you help?

If you are capable of hitting a record button, you’re capable of hitting the upload button in your customer portal, and that’s all that’s required to have a beautiful, guru-driven podcast! We’re also here to help with any questions you may have in the process.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. When you log in as a member, you will see info regarding your current package and instructions on how to upgrade (super easy!).

How are payments made and is it secure?

We provide highly secure solutions to our customers. If you notice, in the top search bar with the website url, you’ll notice the SSL certificate that encrypts information submitted to our website. Your info is translated to hieroglyphics and is hacker-proof! Payments will be made via debit/credit card, ACH, or PayPal account on a monthly basis via your the info you provide when you create your account with us. You can update this info at any time in the customer login portal.

Contact the Gurus

We’re here & happy to help! Have a question about our services? We’ll answer them in a prompt manner and are here to chat with you about your podcasting needs. Say hello today!

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